Ottoman Empire

Tweet Includes modern-day Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Crete, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Ethiopia, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Crimea, Qatar, and Serbia. Salt Jordan Also called Al-Salt or Saltus, in west-central Jordan. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2021. Backpack Adventures CS Monitor Tripadvisor Constantinople Aka Istanbul.

Venice Italy

Tweet Tours Uniworld Milan to Istanbul, including 7-day Po River cruise (start and end in Venice) and 6-day private train Venice to Istanbul. Venice Carnival Venice Carnival in 2022 runs February 12 through March 1. The last weekend of Carnival, Fat Thursday to Shrove Tuesday, is the busiest and best time to attend. Carnivaland. Tripadvisor….

Eastern Sierra

Tweet June Lake See fall colors in traversing Tioga Pass to June Lake. Stop at Tuolumne Grove for a hike to a giant Sequoia grove. Soda Springs offers a meadow next to the Merced River and a small spring near a pioneer house. See the tuffa towers at Mono Lake. There are several public hot…