Site 1 Communications

WiFi Options Business vs. residential plans – business costs more but (usually) offers better support, service guarantees (unless it’s Comcast), and static IP. Comcast Existing: Comcast Xfinity business service month to month. Sonic Review 1. Review 2. Fusion Fiber, up to 10 Gigabits, $59.99 per month. Phone Ooma VoIP and connected to old landlines with…


Pinellas Park Dali Museum. House Resources Dance Bayou Dance Club. Owned by pro/am husband/wife couple Mario Drobny (Croatian?) and Letizia Di Carlo. Newcomer and guest party every Tuesday night and dance party every Friday. Nice wood dance floor at 6541 102nd Ave about halfway between villa and Rob’s; a block from the roller skating rink….

Indoor Watering

Water shut off for inside the house is the valve just above ground level to the left of the side door. Usually one and a half rotations clockwise for the open position. EPA on WaterSense residential toilets.

Outdoor Watering

EBMUD rebates main page. Well and Recycled Water Testing Lab testing with Tap Score. Guide to well water testing. Another well water testing guide. Testing reviews: QualityWaterLab, Best Reviews. Usage Using well water for irrigation: Rain Bird, Outdoor Happens blog, Flourishing Plants blog. Using recycled water in the garden. USDA recommendations. Irrigation EBMUD tips on…

Fruit Trees

Sources Stark Brothers has columnar, dwarf, and semi-dwarf apple trees. Raintree Nursery, based in Washington State, has espaliered, multi-variety apple trees. They also have persimmon trees. Ploughshares Nursery, Alameda. Orchard Nursery, Lafayette. Apple Growing Varieties such as Fuji grow better with a cross pollinator planted within 100 feet. For Fuji apples, flowering crabapples work as…

Word Games

Page / post. Editorial, opinion piece, commentary. Meme, theme. Topic, title, header. Logo, brand, trademark, watermark, script, transcript. Cockroach, palmetto bug.