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Frida Kahlo

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  • Paris: Charade (1963), An American in Paris (1951), Breathless (1960), Amelie (2001), Diva (1981), Boudu Saved From Drowning, Midnight in Paris (2011), Before Sunset (2004).
  • Vienna: Before Sunrise.

To Watch

  • Bio pics: Won’t You Be My Neighbor, david crosby: remember my name, Rocketman, Bombshell (2019), RBG.
  • Music: Amazing Grace, Echo in the Canyon, The Five Heartbeats, Satan & Adam (2018).
  • Musical: Into the Heights, Soul.
  • Drama: Ford v Ferrari, Fast Color, Sympathy for the Devil, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.
  • Animation: Raya the Last Dragon, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Isle of Dogs, Animation Shorts
  • Romance: Summertime, Before Sunrise, Dirty Dancing
  • Comedy: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday
  • Classic: Casablanca.

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