Prudence Pennie Postulates

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Prudence Penny Cookbook cover
Prudence Penny Cookbook cover
Prudence Penny Cookbook frontispiece
Prudence Penny Cookbook frontispiece


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  1. mole – molecular weight in grams; counterspy; spicy, Mexican sauce; facial blemish (a nevus); jetty, breakwater; small burrowing mammal;
    mew – cage for hawks; secret hideaway; crying sound, especially of a cat; cry of a gull; migratory gull;
    mews – apartment block that was formerly private stables; alleyway containing apartments that were formerly stables; a secluded street;
    to mew – to make crying noise; to confine hawks or falcons in a cage or to tether to a perch; to confine or conceal; to moult or shed;

  2. Surely there were some Prudence and Marian fans pining for the good old days when readers were called sweetie and toasted fig-pecan bread slathered with butter was a perfectly acceptable accompaniment to afternoon tea.

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