Van Travel

You can stop for up to 8 hours at a Caltrans rest stop – but overnight parking is technically not allowed. CA rest stop info. National rest area info. Do NOT park in an area reserved for truckers.

Alameda to Surfside via Modesto. 580 and 132 east to Modesto, Highway 99 south, merge on to I-5 at the Grapevine, and south on PCH in Dana Point. Highway 99 rest areas: Enoch Christoffersen 2.3 miles south of Turlock, (C H Warlow Kingsburg – closed in 2024), Philip S Raine 2.5 miles north of Tipton, Tejon Pass 3.5 miles north of Gorman.

I-5 rest areas: Westley Tracy, (Firebaugh closed until Aug 2024), Coalinga-Avenal Kettleman City, Buttonwillow, Tejon Pass 3.5 miles north of Gorman.

Country Homes camper vans.

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