Free to a Good Home

By | June 17, 2015

Home Furnishings

Adjustable Bed

Captain’s Chairs

Set of 8

(Set of 8 (6?) oak dining chairs, no arms, photos to come)

Dining Tables

Blonde oval-topped table with two leaves manufactured by Cambridge of California and originally purchased from House of Values in San Mateo

Antique rectangular-topped table with plywood leaf

Antique Mirror


Home Miscellaneous

Pachinko Machine

Pachinko machine that operates off of standard US two-pronged outlet.  Electrical needs cleaning and the interior Pachinko ball tracks need to be checked for BB pellets.


Water Dispenser


Shopsmith Scroll Saw

Odds and Ends

  • Glass photo frames
  • Kitchen ware
  • Full size, grey, Rubbermaid trash can

Home Office Furnishings

Desk Chairs


Data Center Fixtures

Shelving Unit


Media Rack

Two CD racks

Two CD racks


(photos to come)

  • 5 x tower computers
  • 1 x desktop computer
  • 3 x displays, keyboards, and mice
  • 2 x KVM


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