Helmet – Check the expiration date!  The foam breaks down over time.

Brakes and gears in good working order – A bike that hasn’t been ridden in a while probably needs lubrication inside the rear gear box as well as on the chain.  Newer gears ‘bite’ the chain better but also cause the chain to wear faster.

Tire pressure and tread – You may need to top off your tires every few weeks.

Lock and chain – Let Hal show you how!  It’s not only about your lock and chain but also about how you use it.

Front, rear, and spoke reflectors

Lights – headlight (mounted on handlebars) and taillight (mounted on seat post) that flash to make your bike visible to others (especially to car drivers); get a more powerful headlight if you will be biking on poorly lit trails.

Seat – If you’re in a big city, follow Hal’s advice on locking your seat.

Panniers (saddlebags) – A must if you’re going to the Farmers’ Market or grocery store – keep the weight low and balanced.

Handlebar grips

Map of local bike paths


Reflective vest

Bicycle safety course

Tool kit

Tire pump

Water bottle

Bungee cords

Special clothing

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