Katie Lane

The Overnight Billionaires

The conceit of this series by Katie Lane is that three extremely hunky Beaumont brothers working to charm their way out of the Southern bayou, inherit shares in a San Francisco-based lingerie business (French Kiss), decide to run the company instead of selling out, and fantastically succeed in both business and love.  The likeable characters and the San Francisco setting make up for the pretty improbable rags-to-riches story.  Because there’s some overlap between the three stories – and after-the-HEA epilogue in the third – this series is best read in order.  The series’ most likeable characters, Madison, the escort-turned-supermodel with a heart of gold and an eternally sunny disposition, hasn’t yet gotten a significant other – so far her HEA is fame and fortune on the catwalk and in social media; perhaps there’ll be a follow on series or at least a novella for her story?

A Billionaire Between the Sheets


A Billionaire After Dark

Nash is the marketing genius in front of the reemergence of French Kiss.  The back cover blurb misleadingly touts his “dark, kinky side” and describes Eden, the female protagonist, as a reporter digging for his “dirty little secret”.  This story is more Five Shades of White than anything darker – expecting the connection to an escort service headed by an abusive pimp.  Glossing over the johns’ tacit support of abusive relationships is kind of like snorting cocaine or smoking pre-legal weed without a thought as to the social and environmental costs associated with its supply chain.  That aside, Nash experienced a psychological trauma in his late teens that keeps him from forming romantic relationships and Eden has a goal of being a serious journalist but so far has been consigned to human interest stories.  Their sex scenes are warm but not particularly racy.  I liked this couple the best of the three in the series.

Waking up with a Billionaire

Grayson, the youngest, has translated his painting talent (specializing in female nudes) to catalog design and photography for French Kiss.  He meets his love interest, Chloe, in Nash’s story.  The story presents her as Audrey Hepburn a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s only with the update of an abusive pimp boyfriend who’s been grooming her for more lucrative (for him) endeavors.  I didn’t have much sympathy for her decision to run from family or to avoid asking for help but I did respect her stand against her former boyfriend.  The sex scenes were good and the couple’s relationship was believable.

Hunk for the Holidays



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