Writing Notes

(Refer to the Text Fragments post for interesting words and phrases.) Words hyphenated words: Generally words migrate from open (two words) through hyphenation to closed (one word).  ‘life cycle’ appear to be skipping the hyphenation phase and though the open form still predominates, the closed form (‘lifecycle’) is gaining.  Before versions are generally considered correct….

Teaching Grit

Teaching Social and Emotional Skills in Schools | MindShift. – 2012 September 20 “Back to School” on This American Life, Episode 474, first aired 2012 September 14 How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough

Text Fragments

(Refer to the Writing Notes post for word usage and to Food Vocabulary for food-related words and terms.  Also see Remnants and Famous Quotes.) Interesting Words Contronyms A contronym is a word that has opposite meanings.  For example, when Michael Jackson said that he was ‘bad’ in his video “Bad”, he meant that he was really…