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PowerPoint Version Control

PEG 2013 Apr 2 based on JFB suggestion: Create an add-on to PowerPoint (and to Prezi) which performs presentation content as well as presentation (document) version control, change management, and content management; and which better facilitates collaboration and teamwork on the development of presentations.  Presentation content is presentation slides and images and phrases in those slides which may be reused in other slides in other presentations.

The add-on would borrow and adapt functionality from existing tools.

From code management tools: track changes, maintain a shared code repository, schedule tasks – and provide each person in turn the content required to perform a task, control access, and facilitate builds from the authoritative source.

From Wikipedia: version control, Talk pages, moderator rollback of content,

From WordPress: tagging [is PowerPoint clip art tagged?], search by tags, archive older versions, version compares, restoration (recovery?) of an older version,

From configuration management tools like Chef: specification of prereqs, if reqs, and co-reqs to build a configuration [presentation]; provide build templates;

Start by defining your content and tag taxonomy.  [Object-oriented or category and sub-category structure???]  For example, define a top-level of “IT Innovation” and then define entries in the “Functionality” [“Technology”?], “Process”, and “Structure” [alternative title??] domains.  In the Functionality domain define “Big Data”, “Cloud Computing”, “Mobility”, and “Nano-technology”.  In the Process domain define “IT governance”, “Corporate governance”, “IT architecture”, and “Business architecture and strategy”.  And in the Structure domain define “Introduction”, “Case study / Scenario”, “Primary Point”, “Secondary Point”, and “Recommendation / Conclusion”.

Wikipedia article on software configuration management.

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