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Sonic Quick Reference. 1-855-757-6111, PEG Sonic referral link, Sonic referral program rules. Check status tool for updates. Sonic speed test.

Sonic DNS and Sonic WAN on Asus router;; bobsroom. Netgear Nighthawk router (downstream AP); router8.

Fusion Fiber, up to 10 Gigabits, symmetrical, $49.99 per month for residential without phone, $59.99 plus taxes per month for residential with phone; first two months free. Fusion Fiber for Business is ~$115 per month ($109.99 per month less 10% discount plus equipment rental plus taxes and fees for phone service).

Pre-ordered Fusion Fiber for Business service 2023/10/31 from Diego, 707-522-1000. He quoted $109.99 per month (including equipment rental) plus city tax, first month free, and said that the service included static IP addresses. (2024/04/02 call to Edith at Tech Support determined that static IP is only included with the much more expensive Enterprise Fiber service. Provided recommendations for third party static IPs.) Build out in Alameda West End is in process; already live near Estuary.

Nam performed the installation 2024/03/24.


Comcast Xfinity business service month to month; March 2024 $157.95 with autopay. Cancelled service 2024/03/26 by calling 800-391-3000, requesting service cancellation, and then by signing the VDR via DocuSign. Comcast charged for 30 days after the date of cancellation – $189.

Internet Comparison

Business vs. residential plans – business costs more but (usually) offers better support, service guarantees (unless it’s Comcast), and static IP.

  • Sonic, Sonic Fiber Internet: 10 Gbits for $49.99/mon residential, 1Gbps for $99.99/mon business; unlimited, uncapped symmetric speeds, no contract, free installation; new fiber customers get 3 months free and free WiFi equipment; EFF Privacy Protection Score of 5 (5 highest). Review 1. Review 2.
  • Comcast: download 87.5Mbps, upload 9.6Mbps; EFF Privacy Protection Score of 1 (5 highest).
  • AT&T, AT&T Fiber, ActiveArmor, All-Fi: 300Mbps for $55/mon; EFF Privacy Protection Score of 1 (5 highest).


  • Ooma VoIP and connected to old landlines with answering machine (Ooma console) for 510-769-7252.
  • PEG Verizon for iPhone.
  • Bob AT&T for cell phones and two hotspots.


DreamCompute billing. Dream Host uses SFTP and MySQL. A .com domain name is $17.99 annually.

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