Venice Italy


Uniworld Milan to Istanbul, including 7-day Po River cruise (start and end in Venice) and 6-day private train Venice to Istanbul.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival in 2022 runs February 12 through March 1. The last weekend of Carnival, Fat Thursday to Shrove Tuesday, is the busiest and best time to attend. Carnivaland. Tripadvisor.

Artisanal Crafts

Venice has around a thousand traditional artisans in crafts including glassmaking, bookbinding, and gondola-building.

Homo Faber Event, 2022 April 10 – May 1, will be held in Venice.

Paolo Olbi, bookbinding at the Antica Stamperia Armena. Workshops in English. Anna Scovacricchi, illustrating. BBC Travel article on the history of the Venetian publishing industry.

Stefano Coluccio, mirror making.

Matteo Tamassia, shipwright, gondola-building. Teaches at the Venice Boat Building School. In the tradition of the Venetian Arsenal. HistoryNet post on the Arsenal. Zainoo on the Arsenale.

Lorenzo Della Toffola, shipwright, gondola-building. Squero di San Trovaso, boatyard.

Marilisa Dal Cason, mask artisan.

Gualtiero Dall’Osto, Tragicomica, mask artisan.

Simone Giodani, glassmaker, Barovier & Toso.

Massimiliano Caldarone, glass artist.

Marco Franzato, glass artist.

Stefano Nicolao, costumes artist.

Italian designers.

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