Fern Michaels

When the Snow Falls is a collection by Fern Michaels, Nancy Bush, Rosanna Chiofalo, and Lin Stepp connected by couples finding romance in snowy climes.  The library has this filed with the Christmas books but the stories didn’t have much to do with the holidays.

I most related to Fern Michaels’s story, more for its IT security hero rather than its PI heroine.  I also liked the Colorado ski town setting – though it was under appreciated by the sun loving heroes.  Having the heroine strut her stuff as a ski fashion model was somewhat distasteful but on the whole the story was entertaining.

Rosanna Chiofalo’s story was well enough written but wasn’t to my taste: too weepy and paranormal… kind of an Alpine Ghost.  Both the heroine and the hero were dealing with the aftermath of painful losses.  Death, recovery, and living are important themes – but not the fluffy reading in which I was interested.

If you like a second chance romance, especially when set in a back-country town (an Appalachian hometown in this case) then you’ll enjoy Lin Stepp’s story more than I did.  The ending takes a little paranormal touch to come about; cheat?

The wacko side-characters in Nancy Bush’s story were too much for me.  I stopped reading partway through and didn’t get back to it.

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