Virus Protection

COVID-19 Statistics CDC COVID-19 Vaccinations by County. CDC COVID-19 County Check – hospitalizations by county. Prevention and Mitigation CDC guide to masking. Yale Medicine on Fall 2023 COVID-19 updated vaccine.


Brassicas Sweeter in winter because to withstand colder temperatures they convert starches to sugars. Arugula and Bok Choy are in the brassica family.

Feeding Cats

Number 1 tip for feline weight management: switch to a raw fur/feathers diet (or at least a grain-free, high quality canned food). Cats are obligate carnivores with bodies evolved to process small animals such as rats, rabbits, and birds (e.g. chicken) – including the (raw) bones and organs. A grind of whole (flesh, bones, and…

Emergency Preparation

Pet Emergency Forms, courtesy of FAAS: wallet card, pet care instructions, owner consent form, pet disaster kit checklist. Fire safety: Petplan, American Red Cross, pet rescue notice. Disaster preparedness: PetCareRx. Estate planning – wills and trusts: Nolo Press, PetMD, Forbes. Pet insurance: Consumer Reports review, Consumer Reports video. Microchip Helpful infographics.


Cats suffer from Type II diabetes but not Type I.  A small percentage develop insulin resistance.  Rapid weight loss, increased thirst and urination, dehydration, dizziness, vomiting, and staggering are all symptoms which may be associated with diabetes.  A blood test at the vet’s will determine if diabetes is the cause or if further testing should…

Food Tidbits

Lunar New Year dishes. The 100 pleats on a chef’s hat are said to represent all the ways you can cook an egg. Waffle House has its own record label: Waffle Records.

Living With Meaning

When Meaning Has Waned Being Mortal by Atul Gawande Musings on California’s new doctor-assisted suicide law – San Francisco Magazine 2016 February 11. Does It Dignify? God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet