Cloud Job Titles

From 2012 August 16 TECHEXPO held in Reston, VA

“Positions for:
• Cloud Solution Architects
• Cloud Computing Engineers
• Security Cloud Engineers
• Cloud Java Application Developers
• Lead Engineer – Transition to Cloud
• Cloud Operations Project Managers
• Cloud Software Developers
• Information Systems Engineers
• Cloud Operations Technicians
• Cyber Architects
• Senior Virtualization Engineers
• Enterprise Solutions Architect
• Network Monitors
• Cloud Migration Engineers
• Cloud Security Specialists
• Virtualization Cloud Consultants and more…

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Note that six – over 1/3 – of the positions have ‘Engineer’ in the title and ‘Specialist’ is in a seventh versus ‘Architect’ which only appears in three titles.  These titles address the competencies needed to recover costs or generate revenue from cloud, nor do they extend into other Lines of Business where an increasing amount of IT spend is occurring.

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