House Repairs

Should I renovate?

Fit windows with heat-shrink film or weatherstripping.

Improve insulation.

Foundation Leaks

Basements with a concrete slab foundation and a high water table will often leak along the cove joints of the horizontal slab (which is poured first) and the vertical foundation walls (due to hydrostatic pressure). Reasons for the seepage. U of Minnesota study including Approach 3: interior drainage channel above the concrete slab. Sub-slab drainage.

Install a bigger sump pump? Clean the sump pump wells. Flush the drain under the front lawn. Flush the drain under the side yard. Check the flow rate into the main sump pump well. Clean the gutters and downspouts. Improve the ground drains along the back side wall of the house. Try removing the existing baseboard. Check the downstairs shower drain.

Interior solution: Water X-Tract channel with Pro-SealOnce and DIY-SealOnce (SquidGee Dry System). Testimonial. Amateur installation video of DIY-SealOnce. DIY home waterproofing including SealOnce.

Cove diverter; PolyCove, Channel-Cove; BasementGutter. Interior weeping tile installation. Weep holes – part of the solution for concrete block only; poured concrete and brick walls are not hollow and so do not need weep holes. Interior drain tile (French drain); SafeTrack. Slot drain.

Bay Area contractors: Bay Area Underpinning – appears to be more about cracks and expensive solutions. U.S. Waterproofing cove joint solutions – interior drain tile and exterior waterproofing membrane.

Solar Panels

PG&E Solar Cost Calculator.

Sunpower, 1-833-999-2938,

SoCal Tesla Solar Roof experience.


Outdoor Watering.

Indoor Watering.

EBMUD Water Wednesday.

Composting toilet.

Sensing water leaks

EBMUD flowmeter rebate covers up to 50% ($200 max) of the cost of a flow meter and two years of prepaid service fees.

Flume Smart Home Water Monitor. $250 on Amazon. Flume’s EBMUD promotion. Flume water flow meter comes in two sections: a bridge that plugs into an electrical outlet and connects to a 2.4GHz WiFi and the meter which is strapped to the EBMUD meter casing; the bridge and flow meter may be up to 1,000 feet apart. Moen Flo Smart is over $400 on Amazon; AlertLabs appears to be geared towards commercial buildings.


Deep cleaning service Surf Clean.

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