Boogie Down

Alicia Bridges – I love the night life 1978 – YouTube.

Seeing the musician for a song that I’ve heard (and danced to) many a time is a little odd – like seeing a movie after reading the book.

Van McCoy – Do The Hustle – 1975 – YouTube.

Then we have a visual where the musician isn’t the problem but rather the skinny white girl dance troupe in really odd looking harem pants dancing in rows of two on a staggered stage. At about 3:17 it looks like the girl in the back right lost her place in the choreography.

The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive 1977 – YouTube.

Three skinny white guys making great dance music but (fortunately) not dancing. A little odd given that the mouth movements in the video often don’t match the audio, and that the falsetto tones are odd matched to those bodies (though less odd than to Barry White’s body… kind of like the Brad Roberts’ (Crash Test Dummies) voice to body schism).

From the ‘Mornings With Renel’ (98.1 KISS FM) site: “A doctor found that humming the song “Stayin’ Alive” helps maintain the perfect rhythym for CPR. Remember “Hands Only CPR” is now the current recommendation: just press hard and fast in the center of the chest, wait for help and they will do the rest.”

Barry White – Never never gonna give you up 1973 – YouTube.

Speaking of Barry White, he’s da man. Makes me want to get out there on the dance floor with my Sweetie.

For the movie that did the most good and bad for ’70’s dancing, see ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – good in that it got a lot of people dancing and introduced some great dance tunes; bad in that the partner dancing in the movie was, with the exception of the Puerto Rican couple who lose to John Travolta and his partner, wince inducing.

Wow! Rita Hayworth boogies to Stayin Alive – thanks to some stellar editing. This video really showcases her fluidity honed via years of dancing starting at the age of 3 1/2 years in her father’s studio – not surprising given that both parents and her paternal grandfather were professional dancers.

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