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The Fitzhugh Trilogy

Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas is the second book in an intertwined trilogy telling the stories of twins Fitz and Helena and their older sister Venetia over a period of more than eight years.  In this book 19-year old Fitz, Eton student turned impoverished earl, marries 16-year old Millie, the cultured daughter of a canned food merchant.  Fitz, with help from Millie, deals with the heartbreak of giving up Isabelle, his first love and grows up.  Back in the present time, Isabelle is back in town after the death of her husband and seeks to take back up with Fitz.  While I found Fitz’ misplaced sense of duty and artistic whininess a bit tiresome, I could accept that it might be true to the period.  As a foodie and a marketing fan, I particularly enjoyed the scenes related to the tinned food business and the development of ad campaigns.

The books in the trilogy don’t need to be read in order but do so if possible.

The Lady Sherlock Series

A Study in Scarlet Women

First in a new series released October 2016 centering on a sharp young woman operating under the alias Sherlock Holmes who’s attempting to clear her family’s name.

A Conspiracy in Belgravia

Second in the adventures of Charlotte / Sherlock Holmes; to be released September 2017.


The Luckiest Lady in London

Another conventional Regency plot with unconventional character twists from Sherry Thomas: initially the hero is attracted to the heroine – who though she has taken advantage of various beauty enhancers is no physical match for the hero – because she alone sees his character flaws.  Though there are various dramas that pull apart and then trigger the reunion of the two, thankfully a compromising situation, pregnancy, death threat, and/or a will aren’t part of the plot; the final release into the couple’s openly shared mutual avowals of love is a quiet moment.  Likewise the brief Epilogue neatly ties off an early plot thread with a nice moment of married intimacy.

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