Fruit Trees


Stark Brothers has columnar, dwarf, and semi-dwarf apple trees.

Raintree Nursery, based in Washington State, has espaliered, multi-variety apple trees. They also have persimmon trees.

Ploughshares Nursery, Alameda.

Orchard Nursery, Lafayette.

Apple Growing

Varieties such as Fuji grow better with a cross pollinator planted within 100 feet. For Fuji apples, flowering crabapples work as do Gala, Golden or Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, or Profusion.

Fuji apple trees get from 15 to 20 feet wide. They need 200 to 400 chill hours (“low chill”) and full sun. Soil should be well draining.



Persimmon trees need cross pollination. Chocolate and CoffeeCake Persimmon trees pair well.

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